Restaurant Led by Artificial Intelligence Opened in Moscow

The ‘White Rabbit Family’ group of companies has announced the opening of the “She” conceptual restaurant. Boris Zarkov and Ksenia Sobchak’s innovative wellness bistro serves MediterrAsian-style dishes, buro247 reports.  

For the first time in the world, a digital avatar, Sasha Vayner, became the chef of the establishment. Her duty is to continue the Russian chef’s, Vladimir Mukhin, last year programme “Her Kitchen Rules” (a programme created to support women chefs). Sasha is a fictional character, who thinks like the WRF brand chef Mukhin, knows the recipes of world cuisines and, based on his experience, produces new, unusual for humans combinations.

The authors of the concept claim that in the restaurant they have combined all the most relevant gastronomic and social trends, such as digitalization, responsible consumption, recycling, authenticity, gender equality, and tolerance. Also, the restaurant will soon expect an interactive menu that will allow guests to choose dishes based on individual preferences and independently transfer the order to the kitchen.

On the first floor of the building, there is an open kitchen and a raw bar, on the second, there is a bar and a Neapolitan pizza oven. The interior uses recyclable materials: glass, concrete, wood, and bar stools are made from recycled plastic and broken furniture.

Ru-Main, 29.12.2020, Pictures: YandexMaps Website, 2gis Website 

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