Roads for Doctors: Special Ways to Provide Patients with Fastest Help

A network of roads for doctors is expected to appear in Russia. This possibility will be considered at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, according to the Federal News Agency.

According to the information, for regions where there are no medical centres, it was planned to build special roads that will lead to emergency rooms. So, 15-minute transport accessibility by special vehicles within the boundaries of urban settlements and districts and a 30-minute – in the countryside is to be organized.

These recommendations should be considered when organizing transport services for medical infrastructure facilities, as well as in planning road works in order to increase their accessibility.

In addition, the management should provide priority traffic capacity for ambulances at regulated intersections through the use of traffic lights.

The National Healthcare Project brings together eight federal projects. It involves a decrease in mortality rates of the working-age population until 2024, as well as the elimination of staff shortages among who provide primary medical care.

Ru-Main, 02.12.2019

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