Robot-Official Started Working in Perm Governor Administration

The robot-concierge began working in the administration of the governor of the Perm. He gives out passes to visitors, makes an appointment with his “colleagues” and gives advice, reports RIA News.

Picture: RIA News Website

“This is our first robot to start working in a government agency. Its task is to greet guests and offer them help. If a person has an appointment, he can only scan his passport and get a pass. It takes about 6 seconds. If a person didn’t make an appointment, but now wants to get it with an official, the robot contacts the secretary and finds out if this is possible. So, the robot registers visitors for an appointment with officials,” said Egor Umnov, press-secretary of the Promobot company, that provided the administration with a new “employee”.

According to the press-service of the governor, the cost of the robot-official is 2 million 365 thousand rubles. So far, he has no name, while the robot is undergoing technical testing. The manufacturing company does not recommend calling the robot by the middle name, they suggest the robotic root “bot”, “tron”, “prime” or “droid” to be attached to the brand name so that the choice of a name is taken with complete seriousness and be as effective as possible.

Ru-Main, 21.01.2020

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