Rogozin Sent Fragment From ‘Caesar’ Shell Wounded Him to French Ambassador

The Ex-Head of Roscosmos and the Head of the Special Detachment of Military Advisers “Tsar Wolves”, Dmitry Rogozin, who was wounded in Donbass, sent a shell fragment extracted from his neck to the French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy. 

Picture: Fragment extracted from Rogozin’s body in comparison with the Russian Ruble coin

Earlier, the Investigative Committee stated that the shelling of a hotel in Donetsk on December 21, 2022, when Rogozin was wounded, could have been carried out from French Caesar howitzers. The letter and the fragment from Rogozin were handed over on Wednesday to the guards of the residence of the French Ambassador in Moscow.

“I remember with pleasure our communication with you, joint trips to the Borodino field and to Baikonur. At that time, we discussed the prospects of Russian-French political and economic cooperation a lot and often. Unfortunately, the position of your country and NATO countries on growing a military threat to Russia at our borders led to a tragic outcome […] I write about it with pain, because I have always loved French history, I know the language and culture of France, I honor the memory of glorious deeds when the Russians and the French fought together against common threats,” Rogozin writes.

He recalled that recently, as a result of a violent terrorist act in Donetsk, he was seriously wounded.

“It is only thanks to the great skill and patience of Russian military and civilian doctors that I am alive and almost healthy again. In this envelope, along with my letter, you see a fragment from a shell fired by the French 155-millimeter self-propelled artillery Caesar. It pierced my right shoulder and got stuck in the fifth cervical vertebra, just a millimeter away from killing me or making me an immobile invalid,” the letter says.

Rogozin noted that this projectile fired by a French howitzer killed two of his young friends, leaving their wives widows and their children orphans.

“These guys accompanied you and me on a trip to Baikonur, you shook their hands. Now they are killed by weapons supplied to Ukraine by your country. You probably know how many civilians were killed in Donetsk and the frontline cities of Novorossiya by French weapons and French mercenaries. These are hundreds of people, including children,” he writes.

Addressing the Ambassador, Rogozin expressed hope that he understands the extent of his personal responsibility for these murders.

“And I ask you to hand over the fragment cut out by surgeons from my spine to French President Emmanuel Macron. And also tell him that no one will escape responsibility for the war crimes of France, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and other NATO countries in Donbass,” Rogozin concluded.

Ru-Main, 04.01.2023
Source: RIA Novosti 
Pictures: Rogozin’s Telegram Channel 

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