Roscosmos Announced Film Creation About Space

Roscosmos announced plans to create a feature film in space, according to its official website. The working title of the film is “Challenge”. The plot of the film provides for a flight to the International Space Station, which is scheduled for autumn 2021 on the Russian Soyuz MS manned transport spacecraft. 

Picture: Online Cinema Website

It is noted that the picture will contribute to the popularization of space activities in Russia and the glorification of the cosmonaut profession. The film’s director is Klim Shipenko. Dmitry Rogozin, Konstantin Ernst, Eduard Iloyan, Denis Zhalinsky, and Vitaly Shlyappo are among the general producers of the large-scale project. It is specified that the main character of the film, who will fly to the ISS, and his backup will be determined by the results of open competition.

Ru-Main, 23.09.2020 

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