Roscosmos to Create Uniform for Russian Bikers

The state corporation Roscosmos plans to consider the possibility of creating a domestic engine for a motorcycle and a protective uniform for bikers at one of its enterprises, TASS reports with reference to the general director of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin.  

“Protective uniform for motorcyclists is a whole science. We will give instructions to consider options taking into account the technologies of materials that we use in manned space exploration,” Rogozin promised.

It is noted that as part of the start of the motor rally “Space is Ours – 60. Yuri Gagarin” Rogozin proposed to form a creative and engineering team for implementing the idea of developing the uniform for Russian bikers. In turn, the leader of the Night Wolves biker club, Alexander Zaldostanov (Khirurg), said that he was very glad that Rogozin responded to his idea.

“We fly into space, do such large-scale things, and we do not have our own serial Russian motorcycle. I am very glad that Dmitry Olegovich responded so quickly to my proposal. This will be something new. It should be as simple as a Kalashnikov assault rifle, but worthy,” said Khirurg.

Ru-Main, 10.06.2021 

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