Roscosmos Created Cosmonauts’ Playlist

Sberbank together with the ‘Roscosmos’ State Space Corporation, launched a number of initiatives dedicated to Cosmonautics Day. The main one is a special project “Travel in Space”, the press service of the space corporation reports. 

It is noted that on the project’s website, users can go on a journey to distant planets using the products of the Sber ecosystem; the AR technologies and 3D models developed by the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory will help them in this.

In addition, the SberZvuk audio service has created a “Sound in Space” playlist, combining the compositions that sounded during the cosmonauts’ missions. Some served them as an alarm clock, others helped to reduce stress, and one was even performed by one of the cosmonauts.

In turn, the online medical service SberZdorovye invites everyone to take the test “Could You Become a Cosmonaut?” Also, everyone can check their health using the RespiratoryAI mobile application, developed by SberMedII. With its help in one minute, it will be possible to conduct a preliminary self-diagnosis of the absence of respiratory diseases.

Ru-Main, 12.04.2021 

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