Roscosmos’ Head: Russia is Ready to Ward Off Any Strike, Including in Space

The Director-General of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, suggested that future wars could begin in outer space. He believes that it is with the destruction of the enemy’s orbital group that the conflict will begin. However, he assured that Russia is ready to repel any strike, reports.   

“Russia has experienced so many wars, colossal losses, so we are certainly ready to repel any attack, including in outer space,” Rogozin stated.

According to the General Director of the state corporation, any country will try to blind its enemy, while only through space you can see the entire depth of the territory of a potential attacker. Rogozin noted that the damage to a spacecraft is carefully identified – were they made by a person or caused by a collision with a meteorite or an internal breakdown, as in the first case it will be regarded as an attack on a country.

In addition, Russia does not intend to place nuclear weapons in space and considers it a crime, according to the Head of Roscosmos. However, he refused to give a forecast about Moscow’s actions in case the United States places nuclear weapons unilaterally.

“That’s why (some people criticize me for this) I began to object to Mr Elon Musk when he proposed the terraforming of Mars at the expense of nuclear weapons. I just said that it will not come to the terraforming of Mars, but it will come to the withdrawal of nuclear weapons into space. That is why I consider this idea extremely dangerous,” Rogozin warned.

He clarified that Russia is moving forward without looking back at other countries, so it is not interesting to the country’s authorities to take part in the arms race, as Russia has its own national space programme and doesn’t try to keep up with anybody.

“If the United States suddenly needs our help, we are the only country in the world that can provide it to them. And NASA has already said many times that they started ‘slamming the window’ too early. Cast no dirt in the well [that gives you water], you will definitely have to drink Russian water. Just like us, if we go to deep space, we will also count on the support of the Americans. This is the rule of life,” Rogozin summed up.

Ru-Main, 30.08.2021 

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