Roscosmos Sales Vehicle Which Brought ISS Crew Back to Earth

Russian State Space Agency ‘Roscosmos’ has put up for sale the original hull of Soyuz MS-08’s descent vehicle used to bring astronauts back to Earth, RT reports. It is noted that the purchase would be ideal for any aerospace exposition, as it is the first time the state has sold such an artefact. 

“If this object attracts interest, Glavkosmos will be able to offer descent capsules to customers in the future, for example, upon completion of tourist missions,” the company’s General Director, Dmitry Loskutov, said.

In March 2018, the Soyuz MS-08 spacecraft launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station (ISS) carrying Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev and two American astronauts Andrew Feustel and Richard Arnold. A few months later, in October 2014, the ISS crew came back down on the MS-08 vehicle, and made a successful landing, again in Kazakhstan, in the very reentry capsule that is now being put up for sale.

Ru-Main, 19.05.2021, Pictures: RT  

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