Roskosmos Patented Landing Device for Reentry Rocket Stage

The Central Research Institute of Roskosmos (TsNIIMash) received a patent for a device for landing a reentrant stage of a launch vehicle, TASS reports with reference to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property. 

Picture: Daily Digital Digest Website

It is specified that the device for landing the reentry stage of the rocket consists of a mesh structure made of heat-resistant steel and a mechanical manipulator located on the earth’s surface. It is assumed that after the spent section of the launch, the rocket unit will return to Earth along a certain trajectory set by the control system and enter the device. Then the return stage will lower to the base, sliding the tail section along the inner surface of the mesh structure.

It is noted that the accuracy of landing will be ensured by a mechanical manipulator that will capture the rocket unit. When the return stage descends to the base of the structure, the propulsion system will shut down. The rocket unit itself is fixed using fastening hooks installed on the bottom of the structure and the actuators of the mechanical manipulator.

Ru-Main, 08.02.2021 

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