Rostec Started Testing New High-Precision Missile Models

The “Techmash” Research and Production Concern which is a part of “Rostec” corporation, has begun testing mock-ups of the newest high-precision aircraft missile ‘Monolit’ with a caliber of 122 millimeters, the executive director of the enterprise, Alexander Kochkin, told RIA Novosti.  

Picture: Zvezda TV Channel

As Kochkin noted, if the test results are positive, the company will discuss with the state the implementation and financing of development work. The executive director clarified that it is too early to talk about the timing of the state tests of the ‘Monolit’. He only claimed that the missile is expected to be highly accurate in hitting targets. It is specified that its correction must be made at the end of the trajectory. Other specifications have not been disclosed yet.

Ru-Main, 23.05.2021

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