Rostelecom Connected Over 24,000 Omsk Households to High-Speed Internet

Residents of the private sector in the Omsk region can use broadband Internet access from Rostelecom. In 20 districts of the region, optical lines for users are carried out using GPON technology, which guarantees high data transfer speed and connection stability, om1 reports.    

The emergence of the Internet in the private sector makes it possible to use services with great comfort. Now residents can connect to the Internet at a speed of 100 to 200 Mbps and all digital services from the company. A digital video service has become available to subscribers, which combines the advantages of interactive television and an online cinema with a large collection of films, TV series, cartoons, concerts, and other content.

Optical connectivity technology also allows owners to install a Smart Home system that includes sensors for opening doors and windows, movement, leaks, smart sockets, light bulbs, and other devices. The “Video Surveillance” service will allow creating a safe environment for your home and property by monitoring the order in the home and yard around the clock.

Ru-Main, 19.10.2020 

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