Rostelecom Director Gave Digital Leadership Lesson in Rostov

Director of the Rostov branch of Rostelecom, Sergey Mordasov, gave a lecture on digital leadership to students of the Quantorium children’s technology park, reports 1rnd

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

The company’s top manager told how to succeed in the modern world. Participants discussed the prospects of the digital economy for future specialists. The meeting was attended by schoolchildren of 12-14 years old, many of whom are at the stage of professional self-determination.

Pupils and teachers introduced the guest to the Quantorium projects, which were created with the support of Rostelecom. Among them are a virtual laboratory for growing plants, a model of sturgeon aquatic farm, hydrogen energy generators and others. Mordasov appreciated the achievements of children.

Ru-Main, 19.02.2020

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