Rostov Animal Shelter Thanked Citizens for Help During Downpour

Employees of the Rostov Centre for Stray Animals expressed their gratitude to the caring citizens who arrived at the institution the day before the downpour and helped put it in order, the VK-Page of the Centre reported. 

Dozens of Rostovites have responded to the post of volunteers in social networks. Some of the volunteers helped to eliminate the consequences of the downpour, others brought a supply of feed. It is noted that in 2016, several animals died during a similar downpour, so this year, thanks to the work of the Centre’s employees and the city volunteers, not a single animal has suffered.

The staff noted that unfortunately, due to the turmoil they did not have time to write down the names of the volunteers who came for help, but they thanked all of them and called them “Strength, Hope, and Support” of the shelter. The subscribers of the shelter also called the Emergencies Ministry and helped to find a way out.

Ru-Main, 18.07.2020, Picture: Homeless Animals Centre VK-Group  

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