Rostov Bikers and Horsemen Joined Fire Brigades

Rostov bikers and horsemen joined the monitoring of the fire situation in the Rostov region. Volunteers will inspect hard-to-reach spots and put out fires, the Rostov Department of Russian Ministry of Emergencies reports. 

Picture: Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation in the Rostov region Website 

The Semikarakorsk fire and rescue garrison cooperates with the ‘Motopsyho’ Semikarakorsk bike club and the ‘Trirechye’ equestrian club. Volunteers will go on patrols twice a week with firefighters, as well as help in eliminating fires or the consequences of an accident.

It is noted that firefighters select routes for patrolling after analyzing the situation. EMERCOM employees and their volunteers communicate through a special group in one of the messengers. Cooperation will continue throughout the fire hazard period, which, as a rule, ends in the Rostov region in late autumn.

Ru-Main, 02.06.2020

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