Rostov Resident Rescued Wolf Cub and Took It Home [Video]

Alexander Lipkovich works in the Rostovsky Nature Reserve and a few years ago he saved a little she-wolf whose mother was killed during a raid. Alexander named the wolf Alma. The users of social networks were touched by the amazing story of the friendship of a she-wolf and a person, Bloknot-Rostov reports.

The wolf settled in Alexander’s apartment. They went for walks to the neighbouring grove, so as not to frighten the neighbours. According to the man, without enough activity, the wolf cub would not grow into a normal animal. It needs shelter and challenges to form a normal psyche. When the she-wolf grew too big, Alexander gave her to the local zoo, as having lived side by side with a man, Alma could not adapt to the wild world. Currently, the man visits the wolf at the zoo.

Ru-Main, 05.05.2020

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