Rostov Schoolchildren Took Part in Quest About Great Patriotic War

About 50 Rostov schoolchildren from orphanages took part in a military history quiz organized by MTS volunteers as part of the “Memory Through Generations” project, 1rnd reports.  

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

According to the Director of MTS in the Rostov region, Igor Maryasov, the guys built fortifications in the format of a game quest, helped the fronts meet, restored wartime posters, studied the Battle of Prokhorovka, and got acquainted with drill training.

It is specified that more than 3,500 children from different cities of Russia (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Smolensk, Ulyanovsk, Vologda, Blagoveshchensk and others) took part in the historical game. Visitors to the event were also shown the film “Soldier Boy”, based on a real story from the life of a little soldier, Sergei Aleshkov, who at the age of six received the Military Merit Medal.

Ru-Main, 24.05.2021 

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