Rostov Scientists Developed Mobile Energy Complex for Recycling

At the Don State Technical University, tests of an autonomous mobile micro-energy complex for processing industrial, municipal and agricultural waste have begun. 

Picture: DonSTU Official Website

The development will significantly reduce the amount of waste, as well as receive electric energy, heat and cold without harming the environment, the information service of the university reports. The key advantage of the complex is the possibility of its use in places of mass accumulation of agricultural waste: rice husk, sunflower, buckwheat.

“Our development is an example of a domestic mini-energy complex that allows safe, fast and at the same time cost-effective disposal of agricultural waste. We had the task of creating an energy-technology complex of low power in an autonomous and mobile version,” said the director of the Research Institute for Mathematical Modeling, member of the RAS Alexander Sukhinov.

The complex with a capacity of 500 kW includes a water treatment device, a universal furnace for burning agricultural waste, a steam generator, a wet-steam microturbine and a 50 kW valve-induction electric generator, and an automatic control system.

In an hour, the complex can process up to 400 kg of agricultural waste. The rated power of the developed equipment is 450 kW of thermal, 50 kW of electrical energy and up to 20 kW of cold.

Ru-Main, 26.12.2019

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