Rostov Scientists Study Genetic Features Influence on People’s Internet Behaviour

The scientists of the Don State Technical University are conducting a study of the specifics of perception of Internet content on the psychological and genetic characteristics of a person, the press service of the university reports. The results of the study will help to create for users with the Internet provoking destructive behaviors individual psychotherapeutic programmes. 

The scientific work is carried out under the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, designed for 3 years, the total amount of funding is 15 million rubles. At the first stage of the study, scientists conducted a survey among 3,000 Internet users aged 17 to 60 years. Respondents were asked to talk about their information preferences. As a result, 6 models of human behaviour on the Internet were identified, these are entertaining, informational, communicative, productive (creative), pragmatic, and erotic.

In order to get closer to understanding the natural mechanisms that underlie the individual characteristics of information behaviour, scientists will conduct a genetic analysis. They will study genes that affect the characteristics of information processing associated with emotions, abstractions, conceptualization, grouping, with the perception and structuring of information. The results of the work will help to develop effective methods of psychological support for Internet-dependent people of different ages, taking into account not average psychological principles, but individual characteristics of a person.

Ru-Main, 30.06.2020

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