Rostov Students Combine Work With Study

HeadHunter Research Service conducted a survey of Russian students to find out if they combine work and study, reports

The study showed that in the Rostov region there are 70% of full-time students working, and 30% among the part-time students. Moreover, 10% of the total number work remotely, and the same amount according to shift schedules; 13% have a flexible employment schedule, and another 35% work full time.

“66% of working students in the Southern Federal District decided to combine studies with work for the sake of money, 60% indicated that they do this to gain experience, and another 63% to gain practical knowledge and skills. Only 11% started combining studies with work for practical training at the request of the educational institution,” said Alena Manokhina, head of the HeadHunter PR-service.

Among those students who do not combine study with work, 84% cannot find a suitable job or part-time job, 7% do not have time to work because of the busy schedule of classes, and another 5% are concentrated on their studies.

Ru-Main, 02.02.2020

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