Rostov Theatre Staged ‘Turandot’ Opera

The Rostov State Musical Theatre has staged Puccini’s most complex opera “Turandot”. The first performance took place on April 16, 2021, 1rnd reports.   

“There are very few theatres in the world that look to this greatest work. It is the most powerful, extremely difficult for performers, and for understanding, and for comprehension. This work has no analogues. It is also called the last opera of the last genius Italian composer,” the General Director of the Theatre, Vyacheslav Kushchev, said.

The chief conductor of the theatre, Andrey Ivanov, added that the opera was unusual for the author himself. In Turandot, Puccini even deviated from his own laws. To stage this opera, the theatre needs not just a large choir, but a choir capable of fulfilling all the instructions of the composer.

According to the general director of the theatre, it was not easy for the troupe to decide to stage Turandot, but the risk was justified. It is mentioned that Puccini did not have time to finish his opera, so many theatres perform the final part in different versions. However, the Rostov Musical Theatre decided not to add anything to the original version.

“This has never happened in our theatre. In the production, the operation of the projectors is combined with the LED screen used for the first time. When you look, you will understand that once is little. You need to look two or three times to see, understand and consider everything,” the lighting designer, Irina Vtornikova, said.

Ru-Main, 18.04.2021, Pictures: Rostov Musical Theatre VK-Page  

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