Rostov Traffic Police Congratulated Drivers on Upcoming Holiday

On the Komsomolskaya Square of Rostov, the action “Police Father Frost” was held, which was organized by the Don traffic inspectors. Father Frost together with Snow Maiden reminded drivers about road safety and handed gifts to obedient passengers, reports 1rnd

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

While the traffic police officer checks the driver’s documents, Father Frost and Snow Maiden greet passengers of a car. After this Father Frost reminds drivers of following the rules.

In one of the cars, there were two children. The younger boy was very shy and at first, he even turned away. His sister talked to Father Frost with a smile and received a gift. The guy noticed a bright green bag in the hands of the girl and also reached for the gift. Everyone laughs, and the boy is happy to receive a present too.

Gifts were handed out, the children were happy, and Police Father Frost with the Snow Maiden still had much to do.

Ru-Main, 27.12.2019

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