Rostov Woman Seeks Investigation into Virtual Things Theft

Rostov woman Anna is trying to get a criminal case on theft in virtual space. Hackers stole from her Dota 2 game things worth over 30 thousand rubles. 

The security forces are not in a hurry to look for cybercriminals. Anna told about her story in social networks. On the night of February 22-23, her computer was hacked. Virtual things from the game Dota 2 disappeared. They were paid, she estimated the amount of damage at 31 thousand rubles.

And the whole year the Rostov citizen seeks to find and punish thieves. According to her, she first tried to solve the problem through platform support, but it didn’t work out. On March 1, she went to the prosecutor’s office No. 5 of the Oktyabrsky district but in the end, she was refused to initiate criminal proceedings from the prosecutor’s office.

At the same time, Anna is sure that it is necessary to investigate such cases, because, in other regions of Russia, security forces are successfully engaged in cybercrime.

Ru-Main, 07.12.2019

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