Rostovites Can Take Part in Interactive Tours Around City

The Tele2 telecommunications operator, in partnership with the “Voice of the City” project, launched free tours in the city of Rostov. Online virtual guides invited for participation not only the Tele2 subscribers but also the customers of other operators, 1rnd reported. 

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

The Tele2 subscribers can take an interactive tour at any time suitable for them. The route is about three kilometres and can be passed in about an hour, depending on the speed of a pedestrian. It is specified that virtual guides do not hurry the participants up so that those can stop and take a photo.

It is noted that the clients of other operators will receive smartphones with Tele2 SIM cards during the tour. The organizers will also give all participants headphones and will treat them with hot coffee. The participation in the tours is free.

Ru-Main, 30.07.2020 

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