Rostovites Offered Rehabilitation in Sanatoriums

Residents of Russia are offered to undergo rehabilitation after recovered from coronavirus in the country’s sanatoriums, 1rnd reports. The procedures should help make the physical and mental health of people better. According to the President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Sergey Shpilko, the sanatoriums are completely ready to receive patients.  

It is stated that even the best health resorts in the country now have free places. The price for recreation now is much lower than in the high season. According to the expert, it even turns out so that it is cheaper to receive treatment in a sanatorium than to stay at home with regular expenses.

“In terms of the qualifications of doctors and the provision of medical equipment, many sanatoriums are not inferior to the best clinics in the country, taking into account their profile,” Shpilko said.

The health resorts of Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as rehabilitation places in St. Petersburg, are named accessible sanatoriums. The recovery course for nonresident patients can last 3-5-7-10 or 15 days there. However, it is difficult to get to the Crimean sanatoriums since most of the vouchers have already been sold for December and New Year’s holidays (about 70 per cent).

Ru-Main, 19.11.2020 

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