Rostovites Supported Snow Burning Flash Mob [Video]

Residents of Krasnodar decided to try to burn the snow with a lighter and were surprised that it did not melt. After that, the network was flooded with videos, where people burn snowballs and prove that something is wrong with it. The experiment was repeated in Donetsk, Rostov region.  

The “experimenters” joke about their observation: “[…] Well, chemtrails are great. Stunned!”.

The “chemtrails” in the video are a conspiracy theory that grew out of the old American urban legend, according to which the “occupation government” uses passenger planes to spray special chemicals over peaceful cities. Natalia Protasova, the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Biotechnical and Medical Systems and Technologies at Don State Technical University dispelled the legend and explained an unusual phenomenon:

“Pressed snow, which, in fact, is a“ snowball ”, has a fairly high thermal conductivity and easily transfers heat from the upper layers to the deeper ones. Thus, until all the snow is close to the melting temperature, not a single drop will fall from it. It is on this effect that the construction of pipes and exhaust vents in the snowy dwellings of northern peoples is based. Snow effectively dissipates heat, so even in spring, when the temperature outside has long been above zero, you can often see snowdrifts that have not yet melted.”

Ru-Main, 15.01.2021 

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