Rostovites to Receive 10,000 Tricolour Ribbons for Free

On the Day of the Russian flag in Rostov, ribbons will be handed out to the city residents and a movie about World War II will be shown, 1rnd reported. 

Picture: Orenburg Website

Today, from 10 am to 6 pm, 10,000 tricolour ribbons are being handed out to city residents. At 4 pm in the Green Theatre, which is located in the Park named after the Revolution, the action “Chronicles of Victory” has started. Viewers have a chance to watch a movie about the Second World War in an open area. Before that, they were given tricolour ribbons and flag badges. It is also noted that a large banner of the tricolour was unfolded on the territory of the historical park “Russia is My History”.

Ru-Main, 22.08.2020 

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