Rostovites Took Part in Large-Scale Ecological Festival

On August 8, a large-scale eco-festival was held at Mozhaiskiye ponds. The event was attended by 1,500 Rostovites, 1rnd reported. The initiators of the event were the administration of Rostov-on-Don, and the fundamental assistance was provided by the public organization “There is No Dirt Here”, which is the owner of the grant from the “Presidential Grants Fund”. 

It is noted that only 20% of employees of various city administrations took part in the event, the rest were regular city residents. The territory for cleaning is very large, it is one million square metres. Each sector includes around 300-400 people. Big city businesses have also helped and provided people with equipment, with which they take out the garbage from the territory.

The goal of the event is not only to clean up a huge territory but also to make citizens closer to each other by providing them with communication, as well as common labour and rest. After cleaning the territory, there will be organized field kitchens with treats, as well as sports and entertainment events for all participants.

Ru-Main, 09.08.2020, Picture: Rostov Regional Website 

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