Russia Admits Irrevocable Deterioration in Relations With West – Foreign Ministry Says

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the end of the era of constructive cooperation with the West. The country’s official stated that now it is time to get rid of illusions and understand that there will be no return to the situation before February 24 in relations with Europe and the US. These were the words said by the Director of the Foreign Policy Planning Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexei Drobinin.  

“Regardless of the duration and outcome of the SMO [special military operation], it can already be stated that the thirty-year era of generally constructive, albeit not non-problematic, cooperation with the West has irrevocably ended,” the diplomat wrote in his article “History lessons and image of the future: reflections on Russia’s foreign policy.”

In his opinion, the Russian authorities now have an opportunity to finally get rid of their illusions and go “beyond the framework of the ‘friendly takeover’ paradigm, which has been reproduced time after time by Western colleagues after 1992.”

According to Drobinin, Russia “entered an acute phase of single combat with an aggressive alliance of unfriendly states” led by the US. The purpose of the alliance, according to the diplomat, is to eliminate Russia as a geopolitical competitor.

Ru-Main, 03.08.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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