Russia Approached Leading Position in Turkey Meat Production

In 2021, Russia produced 400,133 tonnes of turkey meat, which is 22.7 per cent more than a year earlier, which follows from a review prepared by the Agrifood Strategies consulting agency according to preliminary data from manufacturers. 

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With the analysis of data on turkey meat markets in the EU, the USA, Brazil and other countries, the agency’s experts concluded that, according to the results achieved, Russian turkey meat producers have approached the first place in Europe and the second in the world after the USA. The final rating will be derived from the final statistics from all countries in the Q2 of this year.

It is noted that over the past decade, the production of turkey meat in Russia has more than quadrupled. For the third year in a row, the total volume of the Russian poultry meat market remains stable solely due to the increase in turkey farming.

The main increase in production (plus 40 thousand tonnes) was due to the restoration of the former assets of Eurodon by the Damate group of companies. The leaders of the rating are PenzaMolInvest (GC Damate) and Tambov Turkey (Cherkizovo Group) – added 6 per cent and 7 per cent at their sites, respectively, while the rest of the companies remained stable.

The leading market shares in 2021 still remained for PenzaMolInvest (39.46 per cent, 157,856 tonnes) and Tambov Turkey (13.13 per cent, 52.4 thousand tonnes). On the third place (10.56 per cent, 42,149 tonnes) is “Indyushkin Dvor” (project GC “Damate” in the Rostov region).

Analysts called the doubling of turkey production in peasant farms and personal subsidiary farms a feature of the past year. The share of these producers remains at a stable level of 10 per cent of total production and is growing in proportion to the market.

Among the most important events for the industry in 2021, Agrifood Strategies calls the creation of the National Association of Turkey Producers, which united more than 70 per cent of turkey breeders, as well as suppliers for the industry, scientific and educational institutions and expert centres.

In 2021, turkey meat consumption in Russia increased to 2.6 kg per person with a target level of 4.5 kg, that is, according to Agrifood Strategies, the potential for the development of the industry has so far been half mastered.

Exports are becoming an increasingly significant factor in the development of the industry, which is also growing at a record pace. According to customs statistics, the supply of Russian turkey abroad has recently tripled almost annually in volume (3,500 tonnes in 2019, 8,600 tonnes in 2020, and 21,700 tonnes in 2021). A significant acceleration is also shown by the cost of sales ($6.5 million, $13.5 million, and $47.5 million, respectively).

In particular, in 2021, sales to China increased by 70 per cent, to Benin by 5.5 times, to the UAE by three times, and to African countries by 4.5 times. At the same time, Russia has become the largest supplier of turkey to the UAE and the third leading exporter to China. According to Agrifood Strategies, all this allows predicting an increase in production volumes in 2022 to 440-450 thousand tonnes.

Ru-Main, 25.01.2022
Source: Interfax 

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