Russia Approved Plan for Electric Transport Use

Russian Government has approved the concept of using electric transport for the next ten years, RIA Novosti reports. The concept applies to most categories of cars, according to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.   

Picture: St. Petersburg Website

It is specified that the concept implementation is designed for two stages. According to the results of the first (until 2024), the base for mass production of electric vehicles will be prepared. Then, according to the results of the second (2025-2030), their output should reach 10 per cent of the total volume of transport made in the country.

The document defines the key tasks in this area, including the formation of a modern urban environment, stimulating demand, including through concessional lending. Such vehicles, for example, will be included in preferential lending and leasing programmes, and from next year it is planned to launch an experiment on the free passage of electric vehicles on toll roads.

In addition, subsidies will be available to manufacturers of transport and chargers to co-finance the costs associated with the construction of factories, as well as special investment contracts. Manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cells can also count on similar support.

It is noted that the concept refers to the formation of infrastructure for charging stations too, so the list of territories for it will be determined by the autumn. Then, will be created an industry for the production of large traction batteries and all the necessary components. It is expected to create about 40 thousand high-performance jobs along the entire technological chain, and then, by 2024, to produce at least 25 thousand electric vehicles in Russia and open more than 9,000 charging stations.

Ru-Main, 23.08.2021 

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