Russia to Create New Carrier-Based Fighter

The Russian ‘MiG’ aircraft-building corporation is developing a fifth-generation carrier-based fighter, RIA Novosti reports. At the moment, the project is at the stage of computer modelling. 

Picture: The model of a reconnaissance UAV, RIA Novosti

According to the source of RIA Novosti, the aircraft is being designed with extensive use of stealth technologies. Like other machines of the fifth generation, this fighter will be able to fly at supersonic speeds without afterburner, equally effectively destroy air and ground targets, and use an advanced artificial intelligence that will prompt a pilot for optimal solutions.

It is expected that the fighter will be no larger than the MiG-35, will have vertical take-off and landing, and will also operate in close conjunction with an unmanned aerial vehicle weighing more than ten tonnes: a drone issues target designation, conducts reconnaissance, provides communication with other machines, and conducts electronic fight. It is assumed that a drone will take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier immediately after the fighter.

Picture: MiG-35

To date, the Russian Navy has more than 40 naval vehicles and only one aircraft-carrying ship, the heavy cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, equipped with a springboard, on which most of these vehicles operate. However, projects of other aircraft carriers provide for a catapult, which greatly simplifies takeoff. It is possible that the fighter is being developed specifically for new ships.

Picture: Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

Currently, the main carrier-based aircraft of the Russian fleet is the heavy Su-33. There are only 19 such aircraft vehicles in the country. They have a normal aerodynamic configuration with the use of a forward horizontal tail, an integral layout, increased thrust-to-weight ratio for short take-off from the deck, reinforced landing gear, and folding wing and horizontal tail consoles to reduce dimensions.

Picture: Su-33 launching from the Admiral Kuznetsov

Also, Russian sailors have 19 light MiG-29K aircraft vehicles and 4 combat training MiG-29KUB. These machines have improved anti-corrosion protection of the airframe, improved wing mechanization, installed a landing hook and a multifunctional pulse-Doppler airborne radar “Zhuk-M”. The aircraft operated armament-guided missiles RVV-AE and R-73 for air combat, anti-ship Kh-31A and Kh-35, anti-radar Kh-31P and corrected aerial bombs KAB-500Kr.

Picture: MiG-29K

Ru-Main, 03.08.2021  

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