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On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the international press conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice (FBI) and the Rossiya Segodnya information agency on the NATO information provocations was held. The event was attended by Russian and international journalists, human rights defenders and activists. 

During the conference, the participants discussed the methods of disinformation of people used by the Western mainstream media, shared their experience in combating disinformation, and also suggested ways to solve this problem and ways to achieve the main goal of the media – to convey the truth to people.

The head of the FBI, Mira Terada, told about the terrible discovery made by residents of one of the districts in the Republic of Mali. After the French military left, a group of Malian soldiers discovered a mass grave of mutilated bodies there. The French deny their involvement in the terrible find, trying once again to accuse Russia of staging.

Picture: J. Putkonen, J. Backman, R. Bentley, M. Zarkovic

The editor-in-chief of a well-known Finnish online newspaper UMV-Lehti, Janus Putkonen, admitted that the information war of Western countries with Russia has been waged since at least 2014. According to Putkonen, the main victim of the information blockade of the West is the truth.

According to Putkonen, the Western media in every possible way ignored the war of Ukraine with the peaceful population of Donbass, which has been waged over the past 8 years, and when Russia decided to end this war, the West created the illusion that Russian servicemen attacked the territory of a neighboring state, as if the war had just begun, although it had not stopped “for a day” during the last eight years.

“Over the past 8 years, there has not been a single peaceful day in Donbas,” Putkonen said.

The Russian Federation, according to Putkonen, found itself in a very difficult position, but it had no other choice. The journalist proposed to develop new mechanisms that will help overcome the information “iron curtain” of Western countries and revive the truth.

He is convinced that people in the West are not fully aware of the real state of affairs, which is why some perceive Russia as an aggressor. However, being an eyewitness of the events as a resident of Donbass, he sees the situation from the other side and assures that Russia has been a savior for people.

Putkonen’s compatriot, Doctor of Social and Political Sciences, associate professor at the University of Helsinki, Johan Backman, exposed the lies of the Finnish government, which decided to refuse to hold a referendum on the country’s accession to NATO, explaining the decision by the data of fake polls. The publicist recalled that the very desire of the Finnish government to join NATO contradicts many international agreements and security guarantees.

According to Backman, one of the NATO intelligence centers operates in Finland, whose employees coordinate targeted harassment and censorship against anyone who does not agree with the official agenda of the government.

Serbian journalist, Miodrag Zarkovic, said that NATO countries use exactly the same methods of information warfare in the conflict that they used against Serbia in the 90s of the last century. Western journalists, according to Zarkovich, allow themselves gross violations of the code of professional ethics, hiding the whole truth about the events in Ukraine. The journalist said that the Western mass media, whose propaganda ordinary people are exposed to, diligently hush up and hide from their audience the Nazi bias of the Ukrainian battalions.

Despite the fact that information about the connections of the Ukrainian nationalist Azov battalion is available on the Internet, Western viewers prefer to trust mainstream media, which have a “calming influence on ordinary people,” complains Zarkovich. According to him, the American and European media, which receive direct instructions from Washington, alter the reports of independent journalists in Ukraine, casting doubt on the obvious war crimes on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the nationalists controlled by them.

Russell Bentley, a military journalist from Texas, gave examples of misinformation by Western media. Criticizing the failed policy of Joe Biden as a disgrace to the US, he noted that the American government has not done anything in the interests of its people over the past 2 decades. According to Bentley, any reasonable and thoughtful person who begins to delve into the war crimes of Ukraine will understand that the Western media can only lie.

Summing up the results of the international press conference, the head of the FBI said that it is necessary to expand Russia’s informational influence in the world and do everything possible to finally make Russia heard. In addition, Terada has put forward an initiative to create a single coordination center for exposing fakes and propaganda with the participation of specialists from various fields, including international lawyers, analysts, IT specialists, and journalists.

Ru-Main, 29.04.2022

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