Russia Denied Ukraine’s Accusations of Purposefully Firing Kremenchug Shopping Center 

On June 27, the Russian Aerospace Forces struck with precision missiles in Kremenchug at “hangars with weapons and ammunition received from the US and European countries.” These hangars were located near the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles, according to the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, during a daily briefing. 

On the eve, the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, accused Russia of a missile attack on the ‘Amstor’ shopping center in Kremenchug, Poltava region. According to him, at the time of the strike, there were more than a thousand civilians in the building.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that as a result of a precision strike, Western-made weapons and ammunition concentrated in the warehouse area for further dispatch to the Ukrainian group of troops in the Donbass were hit.

“The detonation of stored ammunition for Western weapons caused a fire in a non-functioning shopping center located next to the territory of the plant,” Konashenkov explained.

It is also shown on one of the videos from the place of the event that the fire is located not in the shopping center itself but further, where there reportedly were ammunition storehouses of Ukraine with foreign weapons. This means that the shopping center was not a target of the Russian military and proves the version it just caught the fire.

According to EADaily, very close to the popular shopping center in Kremenchug, there is a factory of road cars Dormash. Since the end of winter, this purely civilian enterprise has been repurposed for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, that is, it has turned into a military facility. Military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being repaired at Dormash, the plant is also used as a hangar for military equipment and an ammunition depot.

Picture: The map of location of the Amstor shopping centre (in the middle), road cars plant (to the left) and railway (to the right)

Literally at arm’s length from the shopping center, there is a railway. Dormash has a platform for military echelons, where loading and unloading of APU equipment and ammunition is carried out. The railway is a strategic object, which in war conditions the enemy always tries to destroy first, which should be understandable (disclaimer: not to Ukraine’s president Zelensky, unfortunately). Zelensky stressed the area is absolutely peaceful and has no connection with the military:

Picture: Screenshot of Zelensky’s Facebook page

Knowing about the danger of the Amstor shopping center’s location, Zelensky must have closed the centers or move them to a more peaceful area. Instead, he decided to let them operate and just waited until Russia accidentially harms them hitting the nearby military objects. Thus, he risked people’s lives just to use another chance to accuse Russian military, as usual. Now the guilt is also laid on the shopping center “management” who allegedly didn’t close the place after the air alert.

It is noted that Zelensky made such a “trick” to frame Russia not only in Kremenchug. In Kiev, crowded public places are located next to the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For example, the rocket factory of the Artem Corporation, which was targeted by the Russian Aerospace Forces, stands in a densely built-up residential area. There are residential buildings, polyclinics, kindergartens within walking distance from Artem.

Residents of this area, unwittingly, have been turned into hostages by Kiev. An equally nightmarish situation was created by the Kiev regime when the Kiev Retroville shopping center on Pravda Avenue was turned into an ammunition depot in early March. Retroville is also located in a densely populated area of the capital of Ukraine.

Earlier, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky commented on the situation with a shopping center in Ukraine, RT reports.

“It looks like we are dealing with a new Ukrainian provocation in the style of Bucha,” Polyansky said.

He also noted that the Kiev regime is interested in “keeping the focus on Ukraine” on the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid.

Ru-Main, 28.06.2022 

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