Russia Developed Robotic Arm for Work in Space

A robotic manipulator with tactile feedback, which can be used both in space and at great depths, was presented at the “Innovation Day of the Russian Defence Ministry” exhibition in the ‘Era’ technopolis, TASS reports.  

It is specified that the development is designed to perform complex spatial operations with high accuracy and speed. The advantage of the project is the small weight and high specific power of the sample, as well as the possibility of equipping manipulators with feedback sensors, including tactile ones.

The robot can be used in the space sector as a manipulator for an inspection satellite, maintenance and repair of spacecraft, for the deployment and maintenance of space-based antennas. It is equipped with vision systems that allow manipulators to be installed on mobile carriers as part of robotic systems and military and special-purpose vehicles.

The navy will be able to use the robot as a manipulator to work as part of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles and as part of complexes for conducting search, emergency and rescue operations since it is capable of performing work at great depths. It can also be used by engineering troops to solve mine clearance tasks and by the Ground Forces to provide loading and maintenance of missile, artillery, and rifle systems.

Ru-Main, 08.04.2021 

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