Russia Doesn’t Plan to Stop Using ISS at Least Until 2027-2028

The operation of the International Space Station (ISS) will last at least until 2027-2028. This was announced by the Executive Director of Roscosmos for Manned Space Programmes Sergey Krikalyov. 

Picture: RussiaBusinessToday

“The station will be used at least until 2027-2028, and this use should be as profitable as possible,” said Krikalyov at the XXII Scientific and Technical Conference of Scientists and Specialists dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight, the 75th anniversary of the domestic space industry and the Energia Space Rocket Corporation.

According to the Director, the launch of the multipurpose laboratory module “Nauka” and the node module “Prichal” does not mean the completion of the ISS development. It is noted that there is a possibility of using the current station to create a new generation station.

As reminded, at the end of July, the Roscosmos CEO, Dmitry Rogozin, reported that there were two proposals for the creation of a new orbital station. According to him, the first is to form a Russian national station by further building up the Russian segment of the ISS with subsequent separation and preservation in the same orbit, and the second is to go to a new Russian orbital service station, the basis of which can be a Scientific and Energy Module.

Ru-Main, 10.11.2021
Source: TASS

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