Russia Entered Top 3 European Countries With Most Affordable Gas

Russia took the second place in the ranking of countries on the cheapness of gas for the population. Kazakhstan occupied the first place and Belarus took the third, according to the RIA Novosti study. 

To assess the cost of gas for the population, the RIA Rating experts analyzed its prices in rubles. In addition, the availability of gas for the end user is determined not only by its cost, but also by the level of income of citizens.

Analysts note that the volume of available gas and its prices given by them are an estimate of the average level for the population and are given for comparison, based on official tariffs and statistical data, so the indicators may differ in each case depending on the amount of earnings, place of residence within the state, the volume of gas consumption by a family, the availability of gas stoves and other.

In Kazakhstan, in terms of the Russian currency, gas costs 4.1 rubles per cubic meter. Russia is in second place with a price of 6.7 rubles per cubic meter. The third place is occupied by Belarus, where gas is three rubles more expensive than in Russia. Turkey and Hungary also entered the top five in terms of cheap gas.

The most expensive gas in Europe is bought by residents of Scandinavia. In Sweden, in terms of the Russian currency, a cubic meter of blue fuel will cost 137 rubles. In Denmark, the Netherlands, and Spain, a cubic meter of gas costs more than 80 rubles. The cost of natural gas in 2021 increased in almost all of Europe (in 26 countries), and most of all — in Bulgaria, Greece, and Moldova.

Prices increased most significantly in Bulgaria (more than twice), Greece (+95.9 per cent) and Moldova (+84.7 per cent). Prices have increased by more than 35 per cent in 11 states. In Russia, blue fuel has risen in price by 2.6 per cent, which is lower than inflation. The cost of natural gas decreased in six countries, of which the most significant drop occurred in Slovakia (-11.8 per cent), the Czech Republic (-5 per cent), and Belarus (-2 per cent).

Gas prices in Europe until the end of 2022 will remain above the average long-term level, a significant increase in demand is expected during the period of gas injection into underground storage facilities, the authors of the study predict. Thus, in Russia, where the price of gas is regulated by the government, the growth of the gas price will be small. It can also be assumed that the availability of gas for Russians will not decrease, specialists clarified.

Ru-Main, 25.05.2022 
Source: EADaily 

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