Russia Expressed Readiness for Inspections on Compliance With Bioweapons Prohibition Convention

Russia is ready for inspections on compliance with the convention on the prohibition of the development of biological weapons, which was openly stated on September 22 by the Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council, Co-Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission to Investigate the Activities of the US’ Biological Laboratories in Ukraine Konstantin Kosachev. 

“We have nothing to hide, we are ready to implement all proposals to improve the implementation regime of the convention on [banning the development of] bioweapons,” he said.

Kosachev stressed that Russia has never violated its obligations to comply with the convention. He also noted that before the start of the Russian special operation to protect Donbass, it was not fully clear how dangerous the activities of the US’ laboratories in Ukraine were.

According to him, irrefutable evidence has come to the disposal of Russian specialists that the above-mentioned activities “are precisely of a military nature and radically violate the obligations of the US and countries cooperating with them” under the convention on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons.

The Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council recalled that the research in Ukraine was classified and carried out at the expense of the Pentagon. He also stressed that in many cases, the work of biological laboratories was associated with the study of pathogens “that are not typical for this territory.”

Ru-Main, 22.09.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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