Russia Has No Details on Meeting With NATO Announced by Biden, Foreign Ministry Says

On Wednesday, December 8, Joe Biden revealed his plans to announce a meeting with representatives of Russia and NATO member countries on Friday, December 10, as he told reporters before boarding a helicopter at the White House. 

According to Biden, if the event takes place, at least four major US-NATO allies will take part in it. He did not specify which exact countries he was talking about. According to him, the meeting is planned for discussion of Russia’s concerns about NATO expansion, as well as the possibility of agreements that would reduce tensions on the eastern flank, RBC reports.

In turn, the Russian side does not have details about the meeting of representatives of the Russian Federation and NATO on Ukraine announced by Biden, as stated yesterday, on December 9, by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“I am not aware of any meeting, I have seen the comments of the US president on this topic. I proceed from the fact that the formats for continuing the discussion of those red lines that our leadership has been talking about in recent days, as well as Russia’s receipt of the most reliable legally binding security guarantees, are subject to further discussion,” he said.

According to Ryabkov, there are a number of platforms where these discussions can be held.

“Nothing has been decided for today, and the American announcements that are being made unilaterally do not create a new reality for us, they are just a reminder that these issues will have to be dealt with closely,” the Deputy Minister said.

Moreover, according to Ryabkov, Putin and Biden have not appointed representatives who will discuss sensitive issues of bilateral relations yet.

Ru-Main, 10.12.2021 
Source: TASS 

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