Russia Increased Coal Sales to China More Than Twice

In March, China increased imports of coking coal from Russia by more than twice compared to the same month in 2021. Russia sells fuel at a discount against the background of an embargo by a number of states, as Bloomberg reports. 

Picture: Sakha

According to Chinese customs data, in March, imports of Russian coking coal, which is needed in steel production, increased by 850 thousand tons in annual terms, to 1.4 million tons. China is buying cheap Russian coal amid the rejection of imports from the EU and Japan. The cost of Russian coal, despite some growth last year, is still lower than that of other suppliers, such as Indonesia and Mongolia.

Last month, China increased coal production to a record level to ensure security of supply amid the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. However, the local fuel is of poor quality and is not suitable for steel mills, so the country requires foreign coal anyway.

Ru-Main, 20.04.2022

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