Russia Increased Production of These Items 200 Times

For two consecutive quarters of the year, the volume of industrial production in Russia is falling, according to the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat). However, the output of some goods has increased sharply against the background of sanctions and import substitution. For example, the production of domestic umbrellas in January-September soared 223 times. 

Picture: Novy Kompanion

It is not only in this area that such growth is observed, but in the other production fields as well. Thus, the production of milk mixtures has increased 216 times, baby carriages — 12 times, sports shoes — 9 times, skates — 34 times, vacuum cleaners — 13 times, and piano — 10 times.

As noted, the production of technical gelatin decreased the most, it was stopped being produced altogether this year. The chemical industry also suffered, for example, the production of phosphoric acid esters collapsed 16 times,17 times, and vegetable oils with vegetable additives — 82 times.

Ru-Main, 02.11.2022
Source: Lenta 

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