Russia Launched S-500 Air Defense Systems Mass Production

Serial production of the latest Russian S-500 missile defense system (“Prometheus”) has begun, as announced by the CEO of the Almaz-Antey aerospace defense concern Yan Novikov.  

Picture: SdelanoUNas

“Serial production of the S-500 system has been organized using the latest achievements of domestic science and technology. The combat capabilities of this system significantly exceed the capabilities of previously created air defense systems and SAMs [anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes],” Novikov said.

He stressed that the S-500 will be delivered to the troops within the time limits set by the state defense order.

As reminded, the S-500 Prometheus belongs to a new generation of surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile systems. This is a universal long-range and high-altitude interception complex with an increased missile defense potential. The radius of destruction is about 600 kilometers.

Ru-Main, 25.04.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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