Russia Needs to Strengthen Security as US Troops Getting Closer to Country’s Borders, Top Diplomat Says

The closer the US troops are to Russia’s borders, the more fully Russia must build its security, Kremlin Spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Wednesday, commenting on the deployment of the 101st US Airborne Division in Romania. 

Picture: RIA Novosti

“The closer the US troops are to our borders, the greater the danger is for us,” Peskov warned, explaining that that is why Russia need to build a policy of ensuring its own security.

Moreover, such movements of the US troops near the borders of Russia “do not lead to the strengthening of predictability and stability” in the region, Peskov added.

As reminded, the US media reported last week that 4,600 soldiers from the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division and some heavy equipment had been deployed to Romania for the first time in almost 80 years to defend against any attack on NATO amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

However, earlier, the National Security Council Spokesperson, John Kirby, claimed that nothing has changed in Biden’s position that there will be no American troops fighting inside Ukraine.

Ru-Main, 26.10.2022
Source: Sputnik 

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