Russia Offered EU Transfer Blocked Fertilizers for Free to Countries in Need, But No Response

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, called the EU’s refusal to respond to Russia’s proposal to transfer free Russian fertilizers from European ports to developing countries free of charge cynical. 


“The height of cynicism is that even our offer for free, I want to emphasize this, to transfer 300,000 [tonnes] of Russian fertilizers blocked in European ports due to sanctions for free to countries in need still remains unanswered. It is clear that they do not want to let our companies earn. But we want to give it away for free, at least give it away for free to countries in need. No, there is still no answer to that,” Putin said.

In general, the President drew attention to the fact that the sanctions imposed by Western states have a negative effect both on those states imposed them and on the poorest countries.

“In order to strengthen their position, illegitimate sanctions are introduced, pressure is exerted on all vectors, including, of course, on Russia. However, those who do this see that their actions lead to negative consequences for themselves. Unfortunately, completely innocent states also suffer from such a policy, first of all, developing and the poorest ones,” the Russian leader said.

According to Putin, it was the developing and poorest countries that “were primarily affected by Western restrictions on the supply of Russian energy, food, and fertilizers to the world markets.”

Ru-Main, 20.09.2022
Source: TASS 

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