Russia Reduced Investments in US Government Bonds

The volume of Russian investments in the US government securities this October decreased compared to the previous month and amounted to $3.720 billion, which follows from the documents of the US Treasury published on December 15, 2021.

Picture: RuEconomics

As specified, in September, this figure was estimated at $3.918 billion, while in August it was $4.004 billion. In October, long-term bonds in Russian investments accounted for $554 million and short-term bonds, for $3.1 billion. In September, the first indicator was estimated at $204 million, and the second one, at $3.7 billion.

It is reminded that in the spring of 2018, Russia began to sharply reduce investments in American public debt. In April, their level decreased from $96 billion to $48.7 billion, and in May, to $14.9 billion. In August 2019, for the first time since February, Russia increased investments in American government securities to $9.3 billion.

In March 2020, the Russian Federation more than three times reduced the volume of investments in American government securities compared to February. Thus, the figure changed from $12.58 billion to $3.85 billion. In April, the volume of investments was again increased to $6.85 billion thanks to short-term bonds. In May last year, Russia reduced the volume of investments from $6.85 billion to $5.39 billion.

Ru-Main, 16.12.2021 
Source: TASS 

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