Russian Regions With Highest Total Fertility Rate

The highest total birth rate in 2019 has the Republic of Tuva. The average number of children born to one woman aged 15 to 50 there was 2.72, RT reports with reference to the data provided by the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat). 

Chechnya took second place (2.58), and the third place is occupied by the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (2.17). The top 5 also included the Republic of Altai (2.11) and the Sakhalin Region (1.95). It is noted that the lowest total birth rate in 2019 was in the Leningrad region (1.07), Mordovia (1.17), Smolensk (1.21), Penza (1.26), and Tula regions (1.26). It is specified that in the whole country, in 2019, the indicator was 1.5 children per woman of reproductive age.

Ru-Main, 23.06.2020

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