Russia Showed Country’s Representative for ‘Miss Universe’ Beauty Contest [Videos]

The final of the Miss Universe 2022 beauty contest will be held on January 14 in New Orleans, Louisiana (in Russia, on January 15). Last year’s winner, Indian model and actress Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, will hand over the crown to one of the 84 candidates. 

Picture: Orenburg Media

Among the candidates for the title of Miss Universe is a Russian young woman, 22-year-old Anna Linnikova from Orenburg, who won the title of “Miss Russia” in July 2022. After winning the contest, commentators nicknamed Anna Linnikova “an improved copy of Natalia Vodianova.”

Picture: Natalia Vodyanova and Anna Linnikova

Linnikova started her career in Asia. At the age of 16, she was already working under contract in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia, combining modeling with full-time schooling. After graduation, the girl decided to move to a “bigger city”, especially after all her friends did so.

“I decided to follow them and entered the St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics, I study at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations,” she commented on her decision.

At the time of her participation in “Miss Russia”, Linnikova was in her second year. To go further (as “Miss Russia” opens up the opportunity to represent the country at the “Miss Universe” and “Miss World” contests), the beauty took a vacation from her studies.

Picture: Business Vector

Preparation for the contest takes about three months, as you have to improve not only the skill of the fashion show, but also the English language skills, as well as deal with paperwork. For example, to get an American visa, Linnikova had to fly to Kazakhstan.

According to the girl, she does not adhere to any diet, “So that you understand, today I bought a huge package of sweets: marmalade, chocolate, waffles, buns — and I have already eaten almost everything […] If my body asks for something, I don’t limit it. But another day I already want healthy food. I think I’m not gaining weight because of this balance.”

Linnikova added that she often goes to the gym, choosing for herself functional circular workouts with a small weight, and also goes to stretching and yoga.


The contestant said that she prepares her dresses together with St. Petersburg designer Olga Malyarova and that one outfit is made in the style of the Romanov era, based on the tiara of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and is embroidered with a thousand Swarovski stones, and the other has a train.

Picture: EANews

“It is not yet possible to show or even talk about it. But I can guarantee one thing for sure: it will be a ‘wow’ effect! They say a girl should show one thing: her cleavage or her legs. But I couldn’t decide, so I chose both,” the girl admits.

However, the appearance is not the main thing at the competition, Linnikova assures. Recalling the quote of actress Monica Bellucci that “beauty for a woman becomes a problem in two cases: when there is no beauty and when there is nothing but beauty,” she considers a truly beautiful girl to be one who is also smart, cheerful, active, “never stands still and moves forward.”

Picture: StarHit

The contender for the title of “Miss Universe” herself participates in charitable initiatives. According to her, she helps animal shelters, supports ecology, works with foundations, conducts makeup master classes for young women in difficult life situations. Linnikova also participates in the selection of Orenburg women for the next “Miss Russia” contest.

Picture: Ural56

Outside the duties of a beauty queen, the girl is working on her own brand of clothing, the concept of which she has been carrying “for about a year and a half.” She says that she knows how to sew and build all the processes, starting with the development of patterns, but spends a lot of time on it, as she does not have a professional education in this field.

Picture: Lenta

To show that she is treated kindly at the competition, Linnikova posts joint photos on social networks with representatives of other countries. The girl is sure that her personal qualities are important for the jury and no one will treat her with prejudice because of the geopolitical situation on the world stage and her nationality.

Picture: RBC Life; The Voice

This was immediately proven by the video published on the eve of the contest, when participants gave interviews and talked with the members of the jury. Anna came out to journalists and they immediately started to confess their love to her.

They even started shouting to her in Russian, “Not Gonna Get Us!” (Russian version: video) which is a famous phrase from the “Tatu”music band song.

Ru-Main, 12.01.2023
Source: RBC Life

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