Russia Supports New Regions [Report]

As part of the support of the new regions that have recently become part of Russia, other Russian regions have provided them with assistance and rebuilt, repaired, reconstructed, and restored buildings and facilities in the new territories. 

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As part of such support measures, Bashkortostan repaired the school, which had been waiting for this since 1934. An asphalt plant has also been opened in the LPR in the city of Krasny Luch. A technological complex with a capacity of 60 tons of asphalt per hour was sent from Ufa together with an assembly crane, a bitumen tank, and spare parts. Medical workers have also been sent to the region.

The Nizhny Novgorod region repaired six schools and a kindergarten in the sponsored territories, as well as about 250 thousand square meters of asphalt pavement, and landscaped public spaces. Work on water, heat, electricity, and sanitation facilities has been completed by more than 90 per cent. The facade of the city Palace of Culture of Khartsyzsk (DPR) has been updated, and the historical stucco decoration has been restored.

Thanks to the Samara region, 82 social infrastructure facilities have started functioning in the sponsored city of Snezhnoye of the Donetsk People’s Republic. For the most part, they have not been repaired since the day of construction, and therefore needed a significant update.

Adygea helps to restore the economy and establish the work of social institutions in the secured sponsored territories of the Kherson region in Genichesky, Novotroitsk, Ivanovo, and Nizhneserogozsky districts. In summer, a vacation time was organized in the children’s camps of Adygea for 400 children from the Genichesky district and 20 accompanying them parents. Also, surgeons from Adygea performed daily operations at the Genichesky Central District Hospital.

The Volgograd region helped the sponsored district in the restoration of seven educational institutions, three kindergartens, a youth sports school, and a street lighting network in ten territories. Various equipment was transferred from the Volgograd region: five tractors, seven minibuses, two school buses, two garbage trucks and much more.

Sevastopol helps in the restoration of the economy, infrastructure, and the establishment of social institutions in the Starobelsk district of the LPR, as well as Melitopol and the Melitopol district of the Zaporozhye region. In total, more than 350 tons of humanitarian aid were sent to the sponsored territories. A combined road vehicle on the chassis of the MAZ car was transferred to the Starobelsk district, 500 tons of sand-and-salt mixture were delivered. A diesel generator has been delivered, as well as submersible pumps requested by local authorities for the operation of wells. Lots of municipal equipment were delivered from Sevastopol to the Melitopol district: a batch of 400 tons of coal was transferred on the eve of the heating season. In addition, a group of doctors from Sevastopol worked in the medical institutions of the Starobelsk district for two weeks.

In Mariupol, with the coordination of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, specialists from the Lipetsk region are restoring 27 apartment buildings. About 400 people are repairing roofs, heating systems, changing windows and doors. Special attention is paid to the preparation for the autumn-winter period. The thermal circuit has already been closed on 17 houses, and roof repairs have almost been completed on most objects.

The work is carried out at the expense of the federal budget.

In three districts of the LPR sponsored by the Voronezh Region (Markovsky, Melovsky, and Novopskovsky), specialists implemented 16 projects to restore communal infrastructure.

The Chelyabinsk region helps in the restoration of social and medical institutions, housing and communal infrastructure, roads, and the organization of the educational process in the cities of Yasinovataya and Volnovakha.

Yamal also continues restoration work in the sponsored Volnovakha district. Builders repair roofs, change engineering, perform finishing, restore gyms; school buildings and kindergartens get new windows and doors. As part of the renovation, schools are supplied with sports equipment and computers. In Volnovakha, a new block of flats is being built on the site of another one destroyed during the fighting, and repairs are being completed at six facilities. Work is being completed in the Blood Transfusion Center and in the House of Culture. The buildings will be furnished and provided with all necessary equipment.

Ru-Main, 05.01.2023
Source: Lenta 

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