Russia Testing New and Modernized Submarines

On the territory of the Admiralty Shipyards enterprise in St. Petersburg, a solemn ceremony of launching the new diesel-electric submarine “Velikiye Luki” of Project 677 “Lada” was held. Also, the “Tambov” nuclear submarine of the project 671RTMK “Pike” of the Northern Fleet went to sea for testing after being repaired and modernized. 

Picture: Delovoi Peterburg

“Today, on December 23, a solemn ceremony of launching a new diesel-electric submarine Velikiye Luki of Project 677 Lada took place in St. Petersburg at the Admiralty Shipyards enterprise,” the message reads.

The commander of the submarine, Captain 3rd Rank Artem Gavrilov, noted that the crew is currently undergoing training for the operation of weapons and technical means.

“Every crew member is proud of the opportunity to serve on such a modern submarine as the Velikiye Luki, and, undoubtedly, all tasks for the development of the material part will be completed in full,” the Department of Information and Mass Communications quotes the commander as saying.

As specified, the Velikiye Luki submarine received an upgraded control system for shipboard technical means, an electric propulsion system, and a navigation complex. The state tests of the submarine are planned to begin in the end of December 2022.

As for the nuclear submarine, according to one of the sources, it has recently started testing after repairs and modernization, which were carried out at the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center, which is a part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. It is assumed that the tests of the submarine, depending on their results, can last up to six months.

It is reminded that the “Tambov” submarine was launched in 1991. The basic version of the submarine received two 650-millimeter torpedo tubes and four 553-millimeter ones. The “Tambov” submarine can carry missiles and rocket-torpedoes.

Ru-Main, 23.12.2022
Source: Lenta 

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