Russia to Increase Electricity Exports to China Helping It Overcome Energy Crisis 

The Russian ‘Inter RAO Group’ energy holding has almost doubled its electricity exports to China since November 1. This happened after Beijing submitted an official request to the company to boost electricity supplies to 555 million kilowatt-hours per month in October. 

On September 27, Chinese news portal Zemyan reported that in some 20 regions of the country the supply of electricity was limited due to a shortage of coal. Chinese media said legislative changes to national environmental standards accounted for the coal shortage and the commodity’s rise in price. Also, coal imports from foreign suppliers suffered disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Coal futures in China hit record highs last month after 60 coal mines in the country’s top coal-producing region were forced to shut down amid severe weather conditions.

Days later, abnormally cold temperatures in parts of China sent coal prices surging even higher as electricity demand soared. Then Inter RAO began to increase supplies to China last month amid the escalating energy crisis in the country’s northern provinces that led to power outages and blackouts. According to the Head of the Inter RAO Trading Department, Alexandra Panina, the holding is able to cover almost the entire volume of the application.

“China still requested both for November and December. They have already officially applied for volume increases. Their application will be satisfied almost in full […] They wanted 555 million kWh of electricity per month. Almost all of it will be satisfied. There are 285-295 million kWh in the normal mode,” Panina specified.

Ru-Main, 01.11.2021
Source: RT 

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